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Canson Héritage is a strong and absorbent 100% cotton paper designed for use with watercolour paints. It is available in two weights, a standard 300gsm and a heavyweight 640gsm. Both weights of Canson Héritage are also suitable for use with coloured or watercolour pencils.

What really sets this robust watercolour paper apart is the sizing, which allows artists to lift paint and to scrub at the paper without deterioration to the surface. It is possible to layer paints, returning to the same image and re-wetting the surface. The ability to make corrections while the paint is wet or after it has dried makes Héritage a very forgiving paper to paint on. This sizing also gives great image clarity, as it does not allow marks to bleed. Sharp edges are retained after the paint has dried.

Canson Héritage is made from 100% cotton fibre and thus is naturally acid-free. It has been treated to make it mould-resistant and does not contain optical brighteners. It complies with ISO Standard 9706 and is a naturally-durable paper.

The Héritage pads, sheets and blocks are surface sized with a gelatin-free size.

This Canson Héritage Aquarelle pad contains 12 sheets of 300gsm watercolour paper measuring 23x31cm. These sheets are gummed on one side.

Please note, these sheets are hot-pressed: they have an extremely smooth surface, ideal for detailed watercolour painting. For more information on the production and properties of watercolour papers, please see this article on watercolour papers on the Jackson's Blog.