Jo Sonja Background Colors

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Jo Sonja’s Background Colours are specially formulated to provide one coat coverage on most surfaces. The formulation varies slightly from the palette colors as they include fillers to smooth out imperfections for ease in basecoating. Colors are independently tested and conform to ASTM lightfastness standards to ensure they will not fade over time.

• Use alone or in conjunction with all other Jo Sonja’s Artists’ and Background Colours.

• Use in conjunction with Jo Sonja’s Mediums for various techniques and special effects.

• Suitable for most surfaces including wood, paper, cards, illustration board, canvas, glass and terracotta.

• Available in three collection color sets, each color is available seperately in 6oz bottles or there are three collection sets containing 12 2oz bottles - one for each color in the set.

• Each collection provides a range of colors that may be used alone or in harmony with the other colors in that collection.



• For one step basecoat, mix and apply paint and All Purpose Sealer beginning with approximate proportions of 2 parts paint to 1 part All Purpose Sealer. Amount of All Purpose Sealer may be increased up to a ratio of 1:1. Basecoat may be applied with a brush, roller or sponge. Sand when dry and apply a second coat as needed without the addition of sealer.

• To thin, add small amounts of Flow Medium until desired consistency is reached. Thinning with water may decrease the adhesion of the paint to the surface.

• Jo Sonja’s Background Colours may be applied using an airbrush by thinning with Flow Medium approximately 1:1. All Purpose

Sealer may be added for increased adhesion beginning with a ratio of 2 parts paint to 1 part All Purpose Sealer. Thin as needed using small amounts of distilled water to adjust consistency.

Note: Background Colours can also be mixed from Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours.


Approximate Coverage: 1ml = 188 sq cm 1 oz = 6 sq ft