Garrett May

Oil paintings by Garrett May

Born and raised in Brookhaven Mississippi, Garrett spent his youth working on a cattle and horse farm owned by his Grandfather.  As many southern boys do, he participated in the local 4-H livestock club where he specialized in showing Brahmans.  Garrett and his grandfather spent allot of time together taking care of these animals and showing them which taught him about life, death, hard work and patience.

In his spare time, starting around age 8, Garrett discovered a knack for drawing things he saw in textbooks and magazines.  He also loved the outdoors and hunting so his drawing focus was inspired by the hunting magazines he loved.  

After much encouragement from family and friends he went to the local community college and chose fine art as his major.  After 2 years at community college he continued his fine arts studies at Mississippi State University with a concentration in painting.  While he had to put his art on the back burner after leaving college to make a living he continues to fit in a painting here an there. 

Currently Garrett works as a technician for a regional cell phone service, recently married his lovely wife Jaime, and is expecting his first child.   


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