Fleur Chalky Look Mineral Paint

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An all-around paint suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, Fleur Chalky Look Paint delivers gorgeous color with an extreme matte finish. Fleur paint contains a selection of silicates and other fine minerals that make it different from traditional acrylic colors. These minerals refract and diffuse light on the painted surface, creating a unique combination of vibrant color with an exceptionally matte finish that sets Chalky Look apart from other brands. Paint has an incredibly low 2% maximum sheen. With the same jar of Chalky Look Paint, you can work on canvas, update a lamp, transform an old dresser — even give your bike a custom paint job! And because this waterbased paint has excellent adhesion, there’s no need to prime most surfaces. The paint offers great coverage and brushability for quick and easy application. Taking color cues from the worlds of fashion and design, Fleur Chalky Look Paint comes in a range of inspiring shades. The paint is made in Italy and packaged in recyclable glass jars.